Wireline Test Systems

Wireline Phone Test System

Complete test system for electrical & acoustic properties of corded &cordless telephones.

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Telephone Acoustic Tester

Cost effective test solution for wireline and cordless (POTS) acoustics-only testing. The PC based platform and the new Test Console software allows any user to quickly and accurately determine the acoustic integrety of a telephone.

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Model 501 Test System

PC based test solution for wireline and cordless (POTS) manufacturers. High speed, repeatable and accurate test results allow each manufacturer to be tested according to the specified requirements.

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Country Kits

Country Kit options allow manufacturers to test to the stringent limits of any country.

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Handsfree Option

This is used to test Hands-Free (sometimes called "Loud speaking" or "Speaker Phone" telephones.

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Model 501 PC Based Controller

Controller Upgrade

The Model 501 PC-BASED Controller for the Model 500 test system provides a modern Windows platform for the Microtronix line of test systems.

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