Company Profile

Incorporated in 1972, Microtronix Systems Ltd. provides innovative electronic solutions to unique problems for industries in North America and around the world. Located in London Ontario Canada, Microtronix designs and builds special purpose test equipment for the telephone industry worldwide. From the very early years and up to the present Microtronix has quietly contributed to the success of giants like AT&T , Nortel, Lucent, Siemens and many more. When fast production test solutions are needed it is Microtronix that provides the answers.

Early Company History

In the early years the company designed and manufactured custom telephone testing equipment for the local Northern Telecom plant but in the years between 1975 and 1985 the company set off in a new direction. Rather than just making custom products for a specific customer, Microtronix developed its own products that could be sold to the general market.

The deregulation of the telephone market in North America in the early 1980's presented a new opportunity. Telephone manufacturers wishing to sell in North America would now be required to test their phones to meet national standards. A method to accurately and rapidly test telephones was required. It was in this climate that the Model 60 Telephone Test Set was born.

This unique and innovative combination of electrical instruments, acoustic test fixture and a fully programmable microcomputer made it exactly what was needed by the manufacturers of the day and lead to the rapid growth of Microtronix. Within a short period of time Microtronix had  expanded into the United States, U.K., Germany and the Far East. To date Microtronix equipment is sold in over 35 countries worldwide.

World Wide Representation

Supporting the sale of specialized technology products to the global market place is no mean feat and Microtronix does not do it alone. Microtronix products are supported by a large group of representatives located strategically around the world so that customers have access to knowledgeable sales and technical people almost anywhere. Technical and sales representatives routinely attend in depth training programs at Microtronix to stay up to date with latest developments.

Corporate Philosophy

A fundamental part of the company philosophy and a reason for its continued success is the adherence to recommended testing standards where they already exist. The Microtronix Research and Development department take this information and design equipment to provide test methods and results based on the sound research and recommendations of globally recognized standards bodies. Using this approach means that Microtronix measurements can be correlated with the laboratory. Microtronix staff contribute directly to the Telephone Industry Association (TIA) standards committee and are recognized for their broad experience and dedication to accuracy.

A major difference between Microtronix test equipment and other test equipment makers is that Microtronix is focused on the task of providing solutions for telephone manufacturing rather than the Laboratory. Usually this means learning the real needs of the industry and mixing hardware and software into a product that addresses the needs of the test engineer rather than the scientist. In some cases however the ease of use, fast testing time and accuracy of the Microtronix equipment has meant that laboratories use Microtronix as an adjunct to other equipment.

The Future

As the twenty-first century begins Microtronix is extending its special expertise to the next communication revolution. The Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone. A highlight of the Microtronix product line has been the ability to provide leading edge development and production equipment for this emerging market.  Microtronix has adapted their acoustic expertise to allow VoIP phone makers to make these same acoustic evaluations on IP telephones. This new venture has great potential and is only the beginning of new products that will continue to bring the technology of Microtronix Systems to the world.


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