Q:  Will purchasing a Test System from Microtronix help me with quality assurance?

A: When you use the Microtronix Telephone Test System you can establish your own quality standards and be certain that they will be maintained.


Q:  How fast are production test times?

A: On a production line with a customized test program our Test System can verify a telephones performance in 5 To 10 seconds. This will require a test program that had been refined to test very specific parameters but Nevertheless could include for example DC characteristics, DTMF Signaling, Return Loss and Acoustic Responses with loudness ratings. When test times are this short, each unit can be tested and only a small number of test systems are needed for large production runs.


Q:  What about QA reporting?

A: With a complete Country Kit Test Program the Test Systems become a virtual test laboratory providing a complete report on each telephone or handset, with detailed test information and the specification number and paragraph that defined the test. All of this can happen in less than a minute. With "Summary Collector Software" the reports are stored on your LAN for use by rework staff or plant process control.


Q:  How reliable are the Test Systems?

A: Microtronix Test Systems are built for use. Heavy gauge steel is used for all chassis and units are heat room tested at 50 degrees Celsius. Microtronix Systems Software has proven over time to be very reliable and in the Model 500 controller it provides a virtually instant boot up time.

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