Audio File Play and Record

Microtronix Systems Ltd. has added the Audio File Play and Record feature for use on the IP-II Phone Test System and the Telephone Acoustic Tester (TAT). This feature allows the tester to play an audio file through the Artificial Mouth or one of the telephone interfaces of the Tester (POTS, Handset, IP, ISDN, etc...), and make a recording of the received signal at the artificial ear or another telephone interface.

Under test program control, this feature can capture a recording of a file played through the Send, Receive, or Sidetone signal path of a telephone. No analysis of the recording is performed by the Microtronix Tester, rather, the recorded files are intended for analysis using third party software. For example, PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) scores can be determined from these files.

Using special DSP techniques, the test system can pre-equalize the audio to compensate for the frequency response of the artificial mouth during a send test. The test system plays the file at a programmable amplitude. The amplitude levels can be specified as either long term RMS or P.56 Active Speech Level.

The Audio File Play and Record feature can easily be added to the following products:

IP-II Phone Test System
Telephone Acoustic Tester (TAT)