Hearing Aid Compatibility Tester for FCC Part 68.316, CS-03 Part V, AS/ACIF S040, ETSI 300 381 and ITU-T P.370

The Hearing Aid Compatibility Test Kit has been designed to provide a turnkey solution to the problem of testing the magnetic field properties of a telephone design for HAC. The system Test Program software evaluates the HAC performance of a telephone. An optional non-magnetic handset fixture is available on request.

Test software packages for engineering include:
• FCC Part 68.316 HAC and FCC 68.317 Receive Volume Control
• CS-03 Part V
• AS/ACIF S040
• ETSI 300 381
• ITU-T P.370
• ANSI/TIA-1083-A

The above test packages are available for the Model 501, WPTS, IP-II, IP-AT & TAT Telephone Test Systems.

Response Graph with Limit Lines

Microtronix Graph software displays the frequency response as required in Part 68.316. There is no confusion about the PASS/FAIL status of your telephone.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

Typical HAC Tests:

• HAC Axial Field at 1000 Hz
• HAC Axial Field Frequency Response
• HAC Radial Field at 1000 Hz

Hearing Aid Compatibility Production Solution

Manufacturing facilities can take advantage of the production solution for HAC testing. A pickup coil mounted in the Acoustic Fixture provides a Go/No Go quick check (no measurements taken). This will verify the magnetic coil in the handset is functioning on the production floor.

Non Magnetic Handset Fixture (Optional)

The HAC System can be supplied with a non-magnetic handset fixture to help in making measurements. As you see in the photo below it has two knobs on left and right that are used to hold the handset firmly without damaging it. There are also two adjustable support posts under the handset to hold the handset the correct vertical attitude. The handset is placed such that the receiver is level with the two square sections that are marked with blue lines. The support posts are adjusted so that the handset receiver is supported securely and is level in all directions. The blue lines are on the fixture to help the operator orient the Tibets coils at the 0 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree positions are required in the specification.

Non Magnetic Handset Fixture