Head and Torso Simulator Interface

Microtronix Systems Ltd. is now offering a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Interface for our Telephone and IP-II Phone Test Systems.

What is a HATS Interface?

Microtronix is providing an interface solution to allow a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) to connect to our test equipment platform.

Microtronix offers an interface to a HATS for the following products:

  • IP-II Phone Test System
  • Wireline Phone Test System
  • Telephone Acoustic Tester
  • IP Phone Production Tester
  • Custom Acoustic Applications
  • Headset/Headphone (corded or Bluetooth)
  • Cell Phone Handset

When is the HATS Interface Required?

The HATS Interface is required when testing to specifications such as ANSI/TIA-470-C, ANSI/TIA-810-B, TIA-920, TIA-920-A  and others.

Advantages of the Microtronix HATS Interface?

The Microtronix HATS Interface allows customers to retain their existing testing platforms, therefore reducing equipment and training costs. New customers can take advantage of the Microtronix simple and easy to use interface.

What is needed to use the HATS Interface?

The HATS Interface consists of a hardware interface and software which is connected to products such as the Telephone Acoustic Tester, IP-II Phone Test System, Wireline Phone Test System or our Custom Acoustic Application.

Order Information

HATS Interface
Product #: MX-HATS-I


The customer will require the following to connect their HATS to the HATS Interface:
  • ¼" Calibration Microphone
  • Microphone Polarizing Power Supply and Amplifier (one per microphone)
  • Cable to connect microphone amplifier output to (BNC Connectors) HATS Interface
  • Cable to connect Mouth Simulator to HATS Interface (Banana Plugs)

Existing customers need to contact Microtronix for an upgrade path.

Microtronix Telephone Acoustic Tester with HATS Interface

Microtronix Telephone Acoustic Tester with HATS Interface  


Microphone Inputs - BNC Connectors

  • Ear Microphone (optional second Ear Microphone input)
  • Calibration Microphone
  • Feedback Microphone (optional)

Artificial Mouth Output - Banana Jack
Connection to Acoustic Interface - 25 pin D-sub
Head and Torso Simulator not included