The following are the codes that Microtronix supports in the IP phone family of products:

Existing Codec Support:

L16 (uncompressed 8KHz)
L16-256 (uncompressed 16KHz) (SIP & RTP only)
G.711 A-law at 8KHz
G.711 A-law at 16KHz (SIP & RTP only)
G.711 μ-law at 8KHz
G.711 μ-law at 16KHz (SIP & RTP only)
Standard GSM 6.10 full rate
Microsoft GSM 6.10 full rate
G.722 at 16KHz
G.729, G.729(A), G.729(B), G.729(A/B) (requires Microtronix license & patent license)

New additions:

L16-256 in H.323
G.722.1 aka 'Siren' (requires patent license)
G.722.2 aka AMR-WB (requires patent license)
G.723.1 (requires patent license)
GSM 6.60 aka GSM-EFR (enhanced full rate) (requires same patent license as GSM 6.90)
GSM 6.90 aka GSM-AMR, AMR-NB (requires patent license)

Expanded Codec Support

Many new codec options are now available with the Microtronix IP Test Systems. We have expanded the selection of codecs available with the Test System, added wideband codecs, and now offer a new codec bundle. There are also a number of patented codecs available with appropriate licensing.

For information on adding these codecs to an existing test system, please contact us.