IP Phone Production Tester

...Testing each product is a reality!™

VoIP Applications:

  • Handset Terminal Production Testing
  • Handset Terminal QA Testing
  • Handsfree Terminal Testing
  • USB Sound Devices / Bluetooth / Handset / Headset / Handsfree Terminal Testing
  • ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) Testing

Featured Highlights:

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • High Speed, Repeatable, Accurate Measurements
  • Provides a closed network for IP Phones
  • Digitally Generated Signals
  • Fully Programmable
  • Compact Size

Microtronix Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of telephone test systems since 1972, announces the IP Phone Production Tester. Compact in size, it provides VoIP telephone manufacturers with a method for evaluating the acoustic properties of each voice over packet telephones on the production line. The system performs tests based on the specification or internal manufacturing requirements.

Based on Microtronix DSP Audio Analyzer and Call Control software, the IP Phone Production Tester creates a closed network to isolate VoIP telephones from the effects of gateways and network variations. Using Direct Digital Generation to communicate with the IP Phone, this provides you high speed, accurate, and repeatable acoustic results. A typical Send Response is completed in 2-4 seconds!

Test Equipment

The IP Phone Production Tester utilizes DSP technology to provide high speed, accurate and repeatable readings. It fits into a standard 19" rack or can be easily placed under a work bench with the monitor available to the operator. Microtronix provides a simple and easy to use turnkey solution.

Test Console

Test Console application integrates test results, frequency response graphs and a go/no-go visual indication of the tests’ status. The graphical indicators reduces time for operator training and shortens production line startup.

Protocols and Codecs Supported
The available protocols and codecs for the system are

  • SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) IETF RFC 3261
  • SIP Wideband
  • H.323 ITU-T H.323 version 4
  • RTP (Real-time Transfer Protocol)
  • Available Codecs


Test Capabilities

  • Handset Send / Receive Frequency Response
  • Handset Send / Receive Loudness Rating
  • Handsfree Send / Receive Frequency Response
  • Handsfree Send / Receive Loudness Rating
  • Talker Sidetone
  • Handset / Handsfree Weighted Terminal Coupling Loss (TCLw)
  • Send / Receive Latency
  • Send / Receive Distortion
  • Acoustic Shock
  • Echo Loss
  • Noise and Single Frequency Interference (SFI)
  • Audio File Play and Recording
  • PESQ


Artificial Mouth

  • ITU-T P.51 Specification
  • Adjustable position for AEN, REF, LRGP or HATS (HATS and HATS Interface required)
  • Output Hardware Regulated range is -21 to +4 dBPa
  • ± 0.75 dB 200 to 4kHz
  • ± 1.5 dB 100 to 10kHz
  • Burst level maximum +14 dBPa, 300Hz to 1500Hz
  • Levels and frequency response are software corrected

Artificial Ear

  • Type 1 - IEC 318 coupler
  • Type 3.2 Ear Simulator
  • Type 3.3 / 3.4 Ear Simulator (HATS and HATS Interface required)

Acoustic Measurements

  • Frequency Response, Loudness Ratings
  • Noise, Single Frequency Interference
  • Linearity, Distortion, Muting
  • A-Weighting, Psophometric Weighting, C-Message Weighting and Half-band filters
  • Absolute or Sensitivity Measurements (selectable)
  • Limit Checks - Relative, Best Fit or Absolute  (selectable)
  • Interfaces to Acoustic Fixture for Handset or Handsfree Phones

Controller Unit

  • Multi-Cored Class Computer
  • Windows™ 7 Operating System
  • Real-Time Controller Board
  • 48 Test Scripts Locations
  • Test Console with integrated graphics display
  • Professional grade Sound Card
  • Ethernet

Accessories and Options

  • Microtronix Standard Calibration Microphone
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Audio File Play and Record
  • Multitone Frequency Response
  • Auto Test Results Storage
  • HATS Interface
  • LRGP adapter
  • Custom Ear Seals
  • Molded Handset Locating Ring
  • Bar code reader
  • Handset Interface
  • Rack Mount Kit


  • Acoustic Tests using 32-Bit DSP Technology