Bluetooth Test System

Microtronix Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of telephone test systems since 1972, now provides a Bluetooth Headset test solution. The system architecture allows the test system to automatically discover the bluetooth link to the Bluetooth Headset. The fast and seamless connection protocol (Bluetooth HSP profile) incorporated into the test system allows the customer to quickly test their product in production or quality assurance environments.


The bluetooth test solution utilizes the technology from the IP Phone test system platform. Direct Digital Generation to communicate with the headset, without the need for analog signalling provides high speed, accurate and repeatable test results on the headset.

Sample Tests:
  • Send Frequency Response and
Loudness Rating
• Receive Frequency Response
and Loudness Rating
• Send Distortion and Noise
• Receive Distortion and Noise
• Send Latency
• Receive Latency
The Microtronix Controller Unit contains a test program or test script that specifies the limits and test sequence for the headset under test. Using a bluetooth transceiver connected to the USB port, Microtronix software creates a seamless connection to the bluetooth headset during the discovery mode. Microtronix test equipment easily interfaces to a Head and Torso Simulator or a custom fixture can be developed for your needs.
Microtronix software for the Controller Unit to communicate with Bluetooth Transceiver. This will allow audio signals IN/OUT for measurement for Bluetooth Headset

Making a Connection

The test system will prompt the operator to start the pairing process of the headset. This creates a unique wireless link between the test system and the headset. Once a successful link has been made, the test system will display the Bluetooth logo on the screen.

Test Script Changes

The test scripts or test programs contain the limits, signal levels and sequence of tests for the device under test. The end user can modify these parameters using the Test Program Editor (TPE) for WindowsTM software package.
Software Options:

Summary Collector: The Summary Collector Program automatically collects and stores the summary reports to your disk drive or local area network.

Multi-tone Frequency Response

The Multi-tone Frequency Response feature provides increased testing speed in a production environment. The user can program the number of frequencies to use during a burst. A typical frequency response is performed in two seconds. Headsets using DSP technology or CODECs can take advantage of this feature to ensure the signals are properly transmitted.
  Audio File Play and Record
The Audio File Play and Record option provides the ability for the tester to play an audio file through the Artificial Mouth and make a recording of the received signal at the artificial ear.
  Spectrum Analysis
The Spectrum Analysis software provides the ability to play an audio file through the Artificial Mouth or Ear similar to the Audio File Play and Record option. DSP analysis techniques of the audio files allows the system to display a frequency response.
  • Pentium Class Computer
• WindowsTM Operating System
• Microtronix Real Time Controller Board
• DSP Technology
• Interfaces to Head and Torso Simulator   (HATS) –   optional
• Artificial Mouth Simulator, P.51
• Mouth Positions - AEN, LRGP, REF, HATS
• Artificial Ear Simulators (Type I - IEC-318)
• Integrated Test Console with Graphing
• Dual Acoustic Fixture Capability
• Multi-Country Kit Test Applications
• Plug-in Feed Component Modules
• 19" Rack Mountable


About Microtronix

Incorporated in 1972, Microtronix Systems Ltd. designs and builds test equipment to measure the electrical and acoustical properties of telephones for the industry worldwide.

Microtronix test equipment is being used in more than 40 countries worldwide such as China, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Canada, Brazil and the United States.

Contract manufacturers use Microtronix test equipment to ensure the products they supply to their principal companies meet quality and volume goals.

Microtronix is focussed on providing solutions for the telephone manufacturing sector that address the needs of the test engineer to provide ease of use, high speed and accuracy.






Front End Testing

Based on the Handset Test System, this solution provides cellular phone manufacturers the ability to test the speaker and microphone without the RF section.

Capsule/Transducer Tester

Based on the Handset Test System, this provides transducer and capsule manufacturers a method to ensure their products meet their requirements.