The Capsule/Transducer Test System is a turnkey test solution for manufacturers.  Frequency response, sensitivity, and distortion measurements provide assurance that your product meets your requirements.  The acoustic properties of a capsule/transducer can be tested in as little as 3 seconds!

Microtronix works closely with your staff to provide a test fixture to suit your product.  Manual or Air-Assisted operation on the fixture provide the operator with an easy and simple way to use the system.  A removable delrin plate with a formed cavity provide the flexibility to change to a new product easily and quickly.

The Capsule/Transducer Test System provides seven program selectable transmitter and receiver terminations (two standard and five user defined plug-in modules), and  programmable transmitter and receiver DC power supplies.  All types of receivers and transmitters (electret, dynamic and carbon) can be tested with the system.

The Capsule/Transducer Test System is based on the Handset Test System.  For additional information on the Handset Test System see Handset Test System.