The Handset Test System is a turnkey test solution for Handset manufacturers and designers. With an optimized Test Program it can completely evaluate the acoustic and electrical properties of a handset in as little as 5 seconds!

Handset Test System Features

  • ITU-T, IEEE and OREM standards compliant Acoustic measurements correlate directly to your R&D Lab
  • Programmable DC biasing voltage in either polarity for microphone transducer
  • Programmable plug-in transmitter / receiver termination impedance modules
  • Detailed test reports and graphs can be displayed on the monitor, printed or save as to hard drive or network.
  • Up to 48 different Test Programs containing limits and testing sequences can be stored in non-volatile CMOS RAM.
  • A typical handset can be tested in 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the test program.
  • Test Program Limits, frequency points, testing sequences, and operator messages are easily modified using the Microtronix Test Program Editor (TPE) for Windows.

Compatible with both the Microtronix Model 500, Model 501 and M503 Test Systems, the Handset Test System consists of the following units:

Test Capability

  • Acoustical frequency response measurements for Transmit and Receive
  • Loudness Ratings can be calculated to ITU-T, IEEE or OREM specifications
  • Acoustic test results and limits can be defined in different ways (e.g. absolute, relative to 1 kHz, sensitivity, best fit, etc.)
  • Receiver Varistor test
  • Transmitter / Receiver Linearity test
  • Short Circuit Test checks for a resistance of greater than 100 kohms between the transmitter and receiver wires.
  • Transmit and Receive Harmonic distortion test at any frequency within audio band
  • Can program to run in non-stop mode if no failure occured.  

The Handset Test System is very flexible. Please contact Microtronix or your local representative if you have special test requirements.

System Hardware

The Model 500 Units fit standard 19" racks and are stackable. These separate units are connected by ribbon-cables containing the proprietary analog channels and digital bus.

Model 500 Controller Unit

  • Instant start up from reset or power on.
  • Instant Test Program starts from memory.
  • No disk drives for maximum reliability in harsh environments
  • Rugged power supply keeps working under a wide range of input voltage
  • Built-in 9" monochrome screen for displaying test instructions, messages, and detailed results
  • 27 button keypad
  • Microtronix L4 System Firmware in FLASH memory provides test sequence control, test execution and operator user interface 
    Parallel printer port
  • Multiple RS-232 ports for connection to Graph Manager and Summary Collector

If you prefer a PC based controller see the Model 501 Controller

Measurement Unit

  • Two independent Voltmeters with 14 bit A-to-D converters
  • Programmable/ tracking bandpass filters for noise discrimination 
    Interface electronics to Acoustic Fixture
  • Programmable Oscillator

Handset Unit

  • Modular handset termination on front panel
  • Tests electret or dynamic transmitters
  • Programmable transmitter and receiver DC power supplies
  • Seven program selectable transmitter and receiver terminations; two standard and five custom
  • Short Circuit Test circuitry
  • Low profile chassis size

Acoustic Fixture

  • Rugged and simple construction for heavy production use
  • Quick handset clamping
  • Artificial Mouth output can be regulated either by using the built-in microphone for real-time feedback, or by applying predetermined voltages saved in a look up table during calibration.
  • Multiple-position Artificial Mouth can be configured to ITU-T or OREM standards
  • IEC 318, Type 3.2 or ANSI 6 cc Artificial Ear couplers available
  • Acoustic Coupler is spring loaded to accomodate handset size variations
  • Molded handset Locating Rings are available for accurate positioning in factory applications (sample Handset must be provided to Microtronix)