Microtronix provides a selection of optional hardware to enhance the functionality of your Test System. There are also a number of options useful in performing complete Calibration of your System. Optional hardware is divided into the following categories:

Test System Expansion Units
Acoustic Fixture Hardware
Handset Locating Rings
Calibration Accessories
Production Line Accessories



Test System Expansion Units

Hearing Aid Compatibility Tester for FCC Part 68 and ETSI 300 381
The Hearing Aid Compatibility Test Kit has been designed to provide a turnkey solution to the problem of testing the magnetic field properties of a telephone design for HAC. The system Test Program software requires only three steps to evaluate the HAC performance of a telephone. An optional non-magnetic handset fixture is available on request.

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C.O. Simulator Upgrade
The Central Office Simulator is fully programmable and includes programmable DC feed, voltage (0 to 127V) and current (0-127mA) as well as modular impedances, feed capacitors and transmission line simulators. Adding this unit to a Handset Test System converts it to a fully functional Telephone Test System.

Order: 500-CO-U

C.O. Modules Unit
Modules Units expand the functionality of the C.O. Simulator. Each programmable modules unit can contain feed circuit components and transmission lines for specific test configurations. A minimum of one modules unit is required per Telephone Test System. The Model 500/501 system can accommodate a maximum of seven Modules Units.

Order: 500-U-MODULES

C.O. Simulator External Inductor Box
This option allows alternative Inductors to be used in the DC Feed circuit where required for country specifications.

Order: 500-IND

Handset/Headset Unit
This unit provides programmable transmit and receive interface circuitry to telephone handsets, headsets or cellular phone front ends.

Order: 500-U-HND/HD

ISDN Terminal Interface Unit
Provides a complete S interface to ISDN telephone terminals. Features programmable power supply and message sets for most major ISDN switches (AT&T, Nortel, ETSI).

Order: 500-U-ISDN

Model 501 Controller Upgrade
Replaces Model 500 Controller with 100% compatible PC Based Unit. Provides faster test program operation, network connectivity, and integrated graphing software.

Order: 501-CONTROL-U

Hands-Free Option
This is used to test Hands-Free (sometimes called "Loud speaking" or "Speaker Phone" telephones. Frequency response, sensitivity, and loudness levels in both the Transmit and Receive modes are tested. Other test available include Receive to Transmit and Transmit to Receive switching time, Transmit noise attenuation, and Transmit and Receive threshold tests.

Order: 500-HF

Hands-Free Stand
Microtronix provides a cast stand to support Acoustic Transducers and the telephone.

Order: 500-HF-S



Acoustic Fixture Hardware

Air Operated Acoustic Fixture
The Air Operated Acoustic Fixture is equipped with an air powered handset clamping arm. This is useful in a high volume production environment or Robotic Control applications.

Order: 500-AF-AIR

Acoustic Transfer Box (2 fixtures)
This unit provides computer controlled Acoustic Fixture switching. Typically used in Test setups requiring two types of Acoustic Fixturing. Example. Handset and Answering Machine.

Order: 500-AF-TRBOX

Alerter Testing Option
The Alerter Testing Option provides measurement and analysis of the tones produced by a telephone's ringer transducer (alerter).

Order: 500-ALERTER

ANSI 6 cc Artificial Ear
ANSI specified artificial ear for use in OREM-A telephone testing.

Order: 500-ANSI-6cc

Answering Machine Acoustic Fixture
This option provides repeatable Locating for Answering Machine Acoustic Testing.

Order: 500-ANSW-AF

Custom Seal
Acoustic Rubber seals are designed to fit onto the Acoustic Coupler (Artificial Ear). Sometimes with Telephones manufactured in unusual shapes and sizes and it becomes necessary to customize the shape of the rubber seal to match the shape of the telephone ear cavity. A custom mould is also required.

Order: 500-CUSTOM-S

Custom Mould
A custom mould is required for your to make Custom Seals.

Order: 500-CUSTOM-M

Hearing Aid Compatability Detector
This option is used to detect the presence of the coil in handsets for the hearing impaired.

Order: 500-HAC

IEC318 Artificial Ear with Microphone
This is a Type 1 Artificial Ear built to comply with ITU-T specification P.51. Microphone and artificial ear are a matched set.

Order: 500-IEC318

IEC318 Acoustic Seals
Acoustic rubber seals are designed to fit onto the IEC318 Acoustic Coupler. The seals are critical to ensure a proper seal between the Acoustic Coupler and the telephone being tested.

Order: 500-IEC318-S

LRGRP Adapter
Positions the artificial mouth in the loudness rating guard ring position per ITU-T P.76 specifications.

Order: 500-LRGRP



Handset Locating Rings

Locating Ring - Custom
A Locating Ring is required to accurately position the receiver of the handset over the acoustic coupler on the Acoustic Fixture for repeatable acoustic readings. For handsets that differ from the above a Custom Locating Ring is required. A handset sample must be sent to Microtronix for evaluation and a quotation will be given.

Locating Ring - Integrated
For Integrated telephone and handset.

Order: 500-LR-I

Locating Ring - Standard
A standard locating ring is used for a K-Type handset or similar design.

Order: 500-LR-S

Locating Ring - Positioning Yoke
Handsets with Round Receivers will require a Positioning Yoke to accurately position the microphone over the Artificial mouth.



Calibration Accessories

Calibration Microphone
When used with your 1kHz 94 dB sound level calibrator, the Microtronix Calibration Microphone provides an inexpensive Standard Acoustic reference for all your Microtronix Test Systems.

Order: 500-CAL-CME

C.O. Simulator Unit Calibrator
This unit is essential for calibrating the C.O. Simulator Unit. Computer software is provided to guide the user through the process. Circuit board calibration requires a Double Width Extender Card.

Order: 500-CAL-CO

Extender Card - Double Width
Useful in troubleshooting Measurement Unit and C.O. Simulator Unit circuit boards. Required with C.O. Simulator Calibrator.

Order: 500-EC-DOUBLE

Extender Card - Single Width
Useful in troubleshooting Model 500 Controller circuit boards.

Order: 500-EC-SINGLE

Telephone Test System Calibration Kit
The kits allows the user to verify the Performance of the Telephone Test System on Site. Software is also provided to allow Board level calibration.

Order: 500-TTSCAL-KIT



Production Line Accessories

Foot switch Assembly
This assembly allows the operator to control sequence and operation of test hands-free.

Order: 500-FOOT

GPIB Interface Option
Allows remote control of the Model 500 System over the GPIB bus.

Order: 500-GPIB

Telephone Interface Unit (TIU)
The TIU is a small, easy to use operator workstation. It provides all of the necessary operating and status hardware required for the operation of the Model 500 Test System.

Order: 500-TIU

Test Results Printout
Microtronix will provide a reference report using your telephone for each country kit purchased. Customer must provide phone.

Order: 500-TRP