Microtronix Systems Ltd. is now offering a Type 3.2 (High Leak/ Low Leak) Ear Simulator on our Acoustic Fixture for use with our Telephone and IP Phone Test Systems.

What is a TYPE 3.2 Ear?

The Type 3.2 Ear Simulator provides a controlled leak to simulate “the average real ear loss for telephone handsets which are held either firmly (low leak version) or loosely (high leak version) against the human ear.”

Microtronix offers the Type 3.2 Ear solution for the following products:

  • Telephone Acoustic Tester
  • Wireline Phone Test System
  • IP-II Phone Test System
  • Custom Acoustic Applications

When is the Type 3.2 Ear Required?

The Type 3.2 Ear may be used for production or quality assurance testing to provide a realistic ear leakage test environment. Microtronix recommends the use of the Type 3.2 Ear in production and quality assurance testing to the requirements of specifications such as ANSI/TIA-470-C, TIA/EIA-810-A, TIA-920, GSM11.10 and others. Many of these standards require testing with a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS), but for most production and quality assurance testing environments this is not practical; testing with the Type 3.2 Ear is a reasonable alternative that can provide similar results.

What are the Advantages of the Type 3.2 Ear Solution?

The Microtronix Type 3.2 Ear solution allows customers to test their handset products with a controlled acoustic leak. Telephone designers need to select a leak-tolerant transducer during the design phase of products intended to meet the requirements of these standards. Testing these products with a Microtronix Test System with the Type 3.2 Ear option will verify quality performance.

What is needed to use the Type 3.2 Ear?

The Type 3.2 Ear solution consists of hardware and software, and is used with products such as the Telephone Acoustic Tester, IP-II Phone Test System, Wireline Phone Test System or our Custom Acoustic Application.

The following is required to connect the Type 3.2 Ear to the Manual Acoustic Fixture:

  • Pinna Simulator High Leak or Low Leak
  • IEC 711 Ear Simulator
  • Constant Current Power (CCP) and Cables

Existing customers need to contact Microtronix for upgrade information.

Microtronix Manual Acoustic Fixture with Type 3.2 Ear

Microtronix Manual Acoustic Fixture with Type 3.2 Ear

Order Information

Type 3.2 Ear Solution Product #: OPT-3.2LEAK