Microtronix offers a variety of technical services. Below is a brief description of what we can do for you. If you need more details on any of the items below, feel free to contact us.


Calibration Services
Microtronix provides Test System Calibration here in London Canada. We also provide a Calibration service for your Microtronix Artificial Ear and Artificial Mouth. Just ship them to us and we will look after it. Our calibration can be traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) standard.


Technical Support
Technical support at Microtronix is available by e-mail. See Technical Support for more information.


Upgrade/Repair Services
Like all technology sometimes our equipment needs an upgrade or very rarely repair. Usually it is simpler to send it back to us for a quote. We will evaluate what is wrong and get it back to you in short order. Most repair jobs can be turned around within five working days.


We are offering Controller PC system software updates and operating system upgrade to Windows 7.


Custom Services
Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of equipment testing. We can modify any of the Microtronix standard software products, like country kits programs to be exactly the balance of speed and test requirements that you need. Our hardware can also be modified for our customers needs.

If you have a special project that needs doing we would be happy to evaluate it and let you know how we can help. Our competencies include custom hardware/board design, test fixture development, embedded controllers, DSP software and Windows device drivers and application development.


Installation Services
We do not provide on-site installation services, however our installation manuals are very comprehensive and we provide e-mail support during installation.


Training Services
We do not provide training services. Our manuals are very comprehensive, and we provide e-mail support.