Automatic Test Results Storage

Test Results Storage automatically saves test results and graphs to the local or Network disk drive.

Summary Collector

Files are stored using automatically incrementing file names or product bar code number. Setup Wizard allows you to adjust how files are stored using separate folders, file name prefixes, filename suffixes and more. Graphs can be saves in different formats such as bmp, jpg or png. Resolution, colour, size, fonts, curve style are programmable. Saved files can be imported to word processor software as part of a test report.

Order: 501-SUM-COL

Test Program Development Kit Test Program Development Kit

This option provides software and Instruction Manual for the creation and editing of Test Programs. Extensive "Examples Library" is included. This does NOT require an external windows PC.




Order: 501-TPDK

Network Control Software

Allows complete control of Model 503 console and graphing software over a LAN. Test programs can be downloaded remotely to the Model 503 Controller from a remote computer.

Order: 501-NCS

Graph Manager for WindowsGraph Manager for Windows

This Windows Program allows your PC to Plot Test results and resize, save, or print graphs in a familiar Windows environment.





Order: 500-GRPHEXT-U

Custom Software

Modified Test Programs
Microtronix staff can quickly make simple adjustments to our test programs or Country Kit software to meet your needs. Many times this can be a real time saver when you are under the gun.

Order: 500-TPM

Custom Test Programs
Test Programs can be written to customer requirements by Microtronix experienced Technical staff. Specifications must be provided by the Customer.

Order: 500-TPC

Custom Windows Software
Microtronix staff are capable of developing windows software from device drivers right up to the user interface.