What is a Country Kit?

A Microtronix Country Kit is an Application Product developed for the Model 500 Test System that provides you with a "ready to go" solution to assure that your products comply with appropriate international standards. Each Country Kit provides you with Model 500/501 software, Central Office Simulator modules and manual containing comprehensive documentation on the tests that are performed.

A Country Kit represents hours of specification document review by Microtronix staff for each country. This information is then coded into Test Programs and a book is published for each Country Kit to help you understand what is going on in each test.

Each Kit provides you with two Test programs. One is for Quality Assurance (QA) and is therefore large and takes longer to execute. The QA program turns your Model 500/501 into a virtual telephone test lab and generates a substantial report on each telephone that is tested. The Production Test Program has been trimmed down by Microtronix staff to take less time but still provide the essential tests to evaluate the phone. You receive the source code (program text) for both programs.

Can the tests be changed?

Microtronix Country Kits provide you with and excellent starting point for your testing regime but sometimes you require something different. If you purchase the Test Program Development Kit (TPDK) the Country Kit Test Progams can be changed by your engineering staff to meet your needs. You can adjust the limits of the program or balance your time versus test requirements precisely. If learning the in and outs of programming your system is not in your schedule Microtronix has skilled test programmers on staff that can create what you need.

Available Kits and Specification Numbers
Country Specification Numer
Argentina CNC-St2-44.01 v02.1.1
Australia AS/ACIF S002 (2010)
AS/ACIF S004 (2008)
AS/ACIF S040 (2001) HAC
Brazil Regulation 473 (2007)
Canada T510-95/CS-03
China GB/T 15279 (2002)

ETSI ES 203 021-3 v2.1.2 (2006)
ETSI ES 203 038 v1.1.1 (2009)
ETSI ES 202 737 v1.3.2 (2010)
ETSI ES 202 738 v1.3.2 (2010)
ETSI ES 202 739 v1.3.2 (2010)
ETSI ES 202 740 v1.3.2 (2010)
ETS 300 381 (1994) HAC

France PAA/949 (Dec 1991) & ETS 300 001 (Mar 1996)
Germany BAPT 223 ZV 5 (July 96), ZV 5 (Feb 95)
Germany DECT BAPT 223 ZV 5 (July 96), BAPT 222 ZV 80 (Oct 95)
Hong Kong PCCW CR01 (1996)/HKTA 2011 Issue 6 (2011)
India G/TEL 02/04 Sep 2002
Italy CEI 103-5; V1 (October 1993)
ITU ITU-T P.310 (2005)
ITU-T P.311 (2005)
ITU-T P.340 (2000)
ITU-T P.341 (2005)
ITU-T P.342 (2005)
ITU-T P.370 (1996) HAC
Japan JATE85
Malaysia SKMM FTS PSTN Rev. 1.0.1:2007
New Zealand PTC200 (2006)/PTC220 (2008)
Mexico NOM-151-CT1-1999
Netherlands T10 & T11
Philippines PLDT TechStand CIT-001-2001
South Africa TE-001 Issue 4 (1999)
Spain UNE 133 001-2:1995
Singapore IDA TS PSTN (2000)
Skype Audio Spec. 6.0.4 (2010)
Sweden SS 636341 & TBR 21 (June 96)
Taiwan PSTN01 (2001)
United Kingdom ETS 300 001 (NET4)/PD 7010 (1997)
United States

TIA-810-A (2000)
TIA-810-B (2007)
TIA-920 (2002)
TIA-920-110A (2011)
TIA-1083A (2011) HAC
FCC 68.316/68.317 HAC/Receive Volume Control


List of Tests Performed in a Typical Country Kit (TBR-21/38)

TEST Specification Reference
1. DC Voltage Test DC Characteristics - TBR 21 (4.7.1)
2. DTMF Signalling Test DTMF Signalling - TBR 21 (4.8.2)
3. Transmit Muting Test Suppression of Unassociated Signals
EN 301 437 (, Note 2)
4. DTMF Button 5 Distortion Test DTMF Unwanted Frequency Component - TBR 21 (
5. On Hook AC Impedance Test Input Impedance in Quiescent State - EN 300 001 (4.1.1)
6. Ringer and DC Leakage Test DC Resistance in Quiescent state - TBR 21 (4.4.1)
Ringing Signal Detector Sensitivity - TBR 21 (4.5)
7. Pulse Signalling Test Loop Disconnect (LD) Signalling - ES 201 187, 4.2
8. Impedance Impedance - TBR 21 (4.7.2)
9. Return Loss Test Echo Return Loss - TBR 38 (4.2.8)
10. Receive Level limitations Test MSL Recommended Test
11. Receive Acoustic Distortion Test Receiving Distortion - TBR 38 (
12. Transmit Acoustic Distortion Test Sending Distortion - TBR 38 (
13. Acoustic Response and Loudness Test Speech Performance Characteristics - TBR 38 (4.2.1, 4.2.2), Sidetone Characteristics TBR 38 (4.2.3)
14. Flash test Register Recall - EN 300 001

You may also wish to contact your local Microtronix Representative for further information.

This table lists the most current versions of our Country Kit Software for each of the countries available. Our Country Software is always being revised to reflect changes in the specifications or to add improvements. If you are using an older version contact your Microtronix Representative to see about updating your system.