The Model 501 Telephone Test System is a complete testing solution for measuring the electrical and acoustical properties of a telephone in Production Line and Quality Assurance environments. Rugged in design to meet the needs of high volume telephone production, the Model 501 is flexible and accurate for the ever-increasing demands of specification testing. Simple and easy to use interface to increase productivity, and fully programmable to allow every telephone to be tested in seconds!

Model 501 Telephone Test System

Featured Highlights
• Fully tests Electrical and Acoustical Properties 
• High Speed, Repeatable, Accurate Measurements
• Rugged Design for Factory Use 
• Integrated Graph Software 
• Multi-Country Test Software 
• Correlates Directly with Lab Equipment
• Production Line Testing
• DECT/Cordless Telephone Testing
• POTS Telephone Testing
• Handsfree Telephone Testing
• Caller ID Testing
• Telephone Design

Test System Features
• Industry standard in factory acoustic testing
• Various Loudness Ratings such as ITU-T P.79, Objective Loudness Rating (OLR) per IEEE Std.   661-1979. Objective Reference Equivalent Measurement (OREM-A or OREM-B)
• Ruggedly built for Production Line & Q/A use
• Modular design with plug-in boards for ease of upgrade
• Standards Compliant Artificial Head 
• Test Limits Easily Programmed with the Test Program Editor software
• Supports Bar Code use to track test reports
• High Speed, Accurate, Repeatable Readings 
• Programmable Caller ID testing 
• Programmable Central Office with changeable modules for flexibility 
• Programmable Length Transmission Lines 
• Generates DTMF signals, Call Progress Tones, and CAS Tones 
• Detailed test results and response graphs can be displayed on the Controller Unit's monitor, sent to a printer or saved to a file
• Up to 48 different Test Programs containing limits and testing sequences can be stored in non-volatile RAM 
• Easily integrated into an automation environment to control solenoids and remote programmable controller allow complete testing of a telephone without human intervention.

Country Kit Applications
• The Model 501 test system can use the complete catalogue of Microtronix Country Kit applications which provide standards compliant testing for all major telephone markets worldwide. Each Country Kit provides hardware and software to allow the test system to test to a country specifications. See our list of Country Kit Applications
• Microtronix can provide create testing packages for additional countries not listed above or create test software to your specification.

The following are typical tests performed by the Model 501 Telephone Test System. Other tests are available which are customized to their countries requirements. Contact Microtronix or your Local representative for details.

Acoustic Transmisson Tests:
Frequency Response measurements for Transmit, Receive and Sidetone. Absolute, Best Fit or relative limits are provided depending on the country specification. Loudness ratings selectable for ITU-T, OLR, OREM-A or OREM-B. Tracking Bandpass filters are used to reduce the effects of factory noise on the results.
Transmit and Receive distortion are also provided at pre-determined frequencies.

Partial Printout of a Test Report:

Step: 15 PASSED 
Step Title: ACOUSTIC RESPONSE AND LOUDNESS TEST  (Transmission Characteristics TIA/EIA-470-B 4.2)
Step Duration: 00:15.4

0 km Response 

Freq Transmit Receive Sidetone
191 -41.8 dB -24.6 dB   -6.5 dB 
209 -26.9 dB -20.7 dB   -8.0 dB 
229 -23.6 dB   -8.1 dB    3.8 dB 
251 -16.5 dB   -3.4 dB    0.0 dB 
275 -13.9 dB   -0.6 dB   -2.9 dB 
302 -11.5 dB    0.9 dB    0.0 dB 
331   -9.8 dB    1.4 dB   -1.9 dB 
363   -9.0 dB    1.7 dB    3.2 dB 
399   -8.0 dB    1.6 dB    0.1 dB 
438   -7.1 dB    1.3 dB    7.1 dB

Return Loss:
Compares phone to selectable reference impedance in the Modules Unit. Echo return loss computed per ITU-T G.122
DTMF Dial Test:
Measures voltage, frequency, duration, twist, total power of the high and low group tones simultaneously. Memory locations and re-dial can also be tested for the correct sequence of digits as specified in the test program. DTMF tone bursts as low as 40mS can be detected and measured by the test system. Acoustical verification of transmitter muting during dialling and comfort or confirmation tone can be performed. DTMF distortion on Button 1, 5, 9 and O are also available (option).
Pulse Dial Test:
Measures pulse speed, make/break ratio, make/break resistance interdigital duration. These are important measurements to be performed especially when the phones are being used on a legacy network.
Ringer Tests:
Allows either mechanical and electronic alerters to be tested for ringing capability at different voltages, frequencies and ring cycles. Amplitude, frequency and ring cycle is programmable by the users. Ringer capacitance and leakage resistance test are also implemented.
Caller ID Test for Type 1, Type 2 and Type 2.5:
Bellcore, CLIP SIN242 and ETSI Caller ID tests are provided with the test system. Name, Number, Acknowledgement Tone and Caller ID with Disposition provides the knowledge the products under test are displaying the correct information. DTMF Caller ID capabilities can also be implemented in the test system.

Off-Hook Voltage/Current Tests:
Off-Hook resistance of the phone can be evaluated under various line conditions by measuring the TIP-RING voltage.
AC Impedance
AC Impedance at various frequencies can be measured while On-Hook or Off-Hook through a known source impedance, then message the load caused be the phone. 
Hookswitch Flash Test
Measures interruption time and break resistance in order to check the switching transistor.
Hookswitch Sequence
Verifies that the receiver is muted before loop current breaks when the hook-switch is depressed.
Acoustic Shock Test
Acoustically verifies that the sound output is limited when a large AC signal is applied to the phone.
Bell Tap
Bell Tap test applies voltage spikes to the phone to ensure the ringer does not false trigger or tap.
Lamp Test
Illuminates incandescent or neon lamps using the appropriate AC voltage.


Handset Tests
The Handset Interface Unit (1U) can be easily added to the existing test system to provide of handsets only. Frequency response, loudness rating, shorts and transmit DC voltage are performed on the handset before it is connected to the phone. Electret, dynamic and carbon transmitters can be tested with this product. 
Handsfree Tests
The Handsfree Interface Unit (1U) provides the ability to evaluate Handsfree or Speaker phones. Frequency response, switching times, and noise threshold tests are performed in an anechoic chamber or acoustically treated room.

Dial/Network Board Test
The Dial/Network Interface Unit (1U) and custom fixture for the particular phone circuit board, provides all functional tests on a finished phone without the handset connected. Additional tests can be performed as different parts of the board are accessible. Check for leakage current on a lithium battery or the AC voltage from the alerter oscillator circuitry are some examples.

Test Equipment
The Model 501 Telephone Test System fits into a standard 19" rack or can be easily placed under a work bench with the monitor only available to the operator.

Manual Acoustic Fixture
• Rugged and simple construction for heavy production use 
• Quick handset clamping 
• Artificial Mouth output can be regulated either by using the built-in microphone for real-time feedback, or by applying predetermined voltages saved in a look up table during calibration. 
• Multiple position Artificial Mouth can be correctly configured for testing in accordance with ITU-T or OREM position. 
• Can be equipped with IEC-318 ear, ANSI 6cc or NBS9a artificial ears 
• Spring loaded Acoustic Coupler travels on linear bearings to accommodate handset variations to eliminate the need for manual adjustment.
• Molded Handset Locating Rings guarantee consistent handset positioning
• Optional Air-Operated Acoustic Fixture is available to enable single handed clamping of the handset. 

C.O. Modules Unit
The C.O. Modules Unit contains the plug-in C.O. configuration modules and Transmission Lines. ( Country Kits include all the correct modules for testing to a specific country's standard.) Up to seven C.O. Modules Units can be connected to one test system.
• Programmable Length Transmission Lines 
• Source/Termination Impedance Modules 
• Programmable DC Feed module 
• DC Feed Capacitor Modules 
• Ringer Resistance Modules 
• Bell Tap Modules 
• Parallel Terminations 
• Custom Modules and special Feed Bridges 

Controller Unit
• Contains Microtronix Real Time Controller (RTC) Board 
• Graph Manager software for displaying response graphs
• Windows XP pre-installed
• Detailed test results and graphs can be displayed on the Controller Unit's monitor, save as a file or sent to a printer 
• Up to 48 different Test Programs containing limits and testing sequences can be stored in non-volatile RAM.

Measurement Unit
• Two independent true RMS Voltmeters with Tracking bandpass filters for discrimination from room noise 
• Optional A-weighting, C-message, Psophometric filters and distortion filters. 
• Interface to Acoustic Fixture with power amplifier for artificial mouth. 
• Internal loudspeaker 
• Oscilloscope output 
• Programmable Oscillator 

C.O. Simulator Unit
• Programmable DC Power Supply 
• Programmable Ringer Signal Generator 
• Tip-Ring Interface 
• DC Feed Inductors 
• Loop Current indicator light 

Telephone Termination Unit
• Provides finger tip control of the testing sequence (BACKSTEP, HOME, APPLY and ADVANCE)
• Integrated phone jacks
• PASS, FAIL, and CURRENT Led test status indicators


Summary Collector: The Summary Collector Program automatically collects and stores the summary reports to your disk drive or local area network. 
Test Program Development Kit
The Test Program Development Kit includes the Test Program Editor software and Instruction manual. This software provides the necessary tools to make changes or create test programs. Extensive "Examples Library" is included.
Network Control Software
Allows complete control of Model 501 console and graphing software over a LAN. Test programs can be downloaded remotely to the Model 501 Controller from a remote computer.
Country Kits for TIA/EIA 470B, TBR-21/38 and more than 15 other country test specifications. Microtronix can create custom Test Software to your specifications.

• Two Years Parts and Labour at Microtronix against manufacturing defects.

• System Firmware stored in FLASH memory 
• Microtronix customers can download System Firmware updates from the secure Microtronix Online ftp Server to their PCs, then download into the Controller Unit's FLASH memory 
• A powerful Test Program Command Line language allows customers to create virtually any type of customized test 
• A statistical summary of the total handsets tested, Percentage Yield, and the specific tests which failed are tallied for each type of handset and stored in battery backed non-volatile memory.